United States PRE Breeders Association



2015 Caballo de Oro Award – D Abelardo Morales



The 2015 Caballo de Oro Award (Golden Horse Award) has decided to give Caballo Del Oro, or Golden Horse, award to breeder D. Abelardo Morales Purón. Owner of Las Morerías for the past 25 years. This Purebred Spanish Horse stud farm is one of the most award winning farms in Mexico and the United States.  Thus, it is a PRE ambassador for America.  By granting Morales Purón this honor, the Caballo de Oro Award recuperates its international nature, as it seeks to pay tribute to outstanding personal and professional careers in the equine industry.


On May 1st, the Premio Caballo de Oro Award jury will give the prize to the winner at a ceremony to be held at the Depósito de Sementales in Jerez.  The jury includes the Mayor of Jerez, Mamen Sánchez; Deputy Mayors Francisco Camas and Laura Álvarez; Provincial representative for Culture from the Andalusian Regional Government, Remedios Palma;  representative for Spain’s Equestrian Federation in Cadiz, Esperanza Lobato Parra; technical director of Yeguada de La Cartuja Hierro del Bocado, Javier Mota; Lieutenant colonel from Yeguada Militar in Jerez, Antonio Gómez Pascual; ANCCE representative Jacobo Rojo, and members designated by the Mayor’s office, Jan de Klerk and Delfín Gómez Espinosa de Los Monteros.