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2016 Caballo d’Oro Award – D. Nahman Andic

D. Nahman Andic

D. Nahman Andic

The 2016 Selection Committee for the Caballo d’Oro award (Golden Horse award) composed of equestrian organizations such as the Spanish Equestrian Federation, Cría Caballar, ANCCE, the Carriage Club of Andalusia has awarded the gold statuette to D. Nahman Andic.


According to sources at Yeguada Andic (established in 1985), D. Andic  developed a unique breeding program with P.R.E. stallions and mares born and raised in the region of Jerez. Nahman Andic, a Catalan of Turkish descent, knew Jerez and its region attracted many with the horses that the city exported to half the world at the beginning of the eighties. Andic chose three (3) brands essential to begin the breeding adventure in Vilanova and the Gertrú. They were the Yeguada Militar, Miguel Bohórquez and Romero Benítez breeding lines.

“The merger of the three Jerez breeding lines has led Yeguada Andic to be considered one of the most pure and beautiful Spanish horse breeding programs in the world.”

Yeguada Andic has collected achievements as important as winning silver and bronze medals in the Spanish dressage championships in 1994, 1995 and 1997. Amongst all the medals in the national beauty and a wide collection of prizes at the Fair of Jerez, Andic also achieved distinction with his horse drawn carriages, which is another of Andic’s great hobbies.


Courtesy: Dario de Jerez