United States PRE Breeders Association



2016 Conformation Rules & Regulations Postponement



Given the many suggestions and contributions presented by ANCCE breeders, as well as by the judges, and in an effort to incorporate some of these aspects into the final draft, the Association’s Executive Committee has decided to delay the implementation of the 2016 ANCCE Conformation Rules & Regulations until the April 18 of this year.

Thus, all competitions held until that date will be governed by the 2015 Rules and Regulations. Nevertheless, those same events will benefit from the new Rules once applied.

This is the first time that the Rules & Regulations incorporate so many breeder concerns. After all, at the end of the day, they are the affected party.

ANCCE strives for the competition reality to meet the demands of the actual participants. With this in mind, the Rules & Regulations must be dynamic and progressively adapting to the needs that competition participation generates.

Throughout the season, we ask breeders to share their suggestions and comments with the ANCCE Competition Department, at concursos@ancce.com to implement continually developing rules.