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USPREBA Board Honors Alexander Zilo

Dear PREBA Board & Membership,


My personal best to all of you for a new year of peace, prosperity and most of all, a herd of spectacular P.R.E. foals!  In mid December 2013, many Pure Spanish horse breeders received their respective Spanish Carta’s for many well breed (some Qualified) P.R.E horses inappropriately embroiled in a legal ownership dispute for several years. Efforts to resolve this situation included international telephone calls, letters, emails and numerous meetings, – finally culminating in a personal trip to Seville, Spain by USPREBA’s President, Alexander B. Zilo.


Alexander B. Zilo

Alexander B. Zilo


Alex has provided assistance to numerous breeders (both big and small) many of whom I am well acquainted with on a personal and professional level. I write to openly “acknowledge and thank him” him for stepping up to advocate for us and all of the P.R.E horses involved. While maintaining an independent role as a private breeder (which are well within his rights) he continues his astute public advocacy for all North American P.R.E. breeders. His unwavering determination and focus to resolve this matter validates his unbiased representation.  The owner of Spanish National Champion COPON and ANCCE Delegate to North America for five years, Alex is respected in the most prestigious of P.R.E. circles and arenas. He’s been involved and established organizations associated with PRE horses in the US and abroad. He is committed and cares. Many share my sentiments as evidenced by the support and explosive growth PREBA has received (in its first year) both in the US and abroad.  Please reach out to Alex by way of email, short note or phone call to commend for a “ job well done ”.

We are truly fortunate to have his leadership at PREBA.


Linda M. Reed