United States PRE Breeders Association



SICAB 2015 Conformation Seminar


Dear breeder:

We received several inquiries from breeders of different countries interested in attending a Conformation Seminar in SICAB, as they were travelling to the event.

For this, we are organizing a Seminar of Conformation and Movements of the PRE horse on Tuesday, November 17th. This Seminar has a timetable of 10 am to 2 pm and 4 pm to 8 pm and it will be presented by Ignacio Bravo: conformation and movements judge, rider and handler. It is a practical Seminar with plenty of pictures and videos of horses in competition and it is directed to breeders, grooms and fans of the PRE horse. So, I ask you please to circulate this message among your members or contacts who might be interested in.

The Seminar will be presented in Spanish and English and prices are EURO 20 for full members of ANCCE and EURO 50 for others. Attendance is limited to 60 people.

If you are interested in the Seminar, please fill the attached form and send us it along with the document of payment to inmasegura@ancce.com.


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Paco Angelet.

    President of the Commission of Relation with breeders.