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ANCCE President, Juan Tirado Evades Personal Spanish Revenue Tax


Last year, the PREBA Executive Committee tried (in writing and in person) to persuade Juan Tirado, ANCCE President to cause LG-ANCCE to comply with United States Commercial Tax laws since the inception of their Stud Book business in our country to no avail. Juan Tirado never responded to the PREBA correspondence.

Last week, the respected Spanish review, El Diario exposed and denounced Juan Tirado for evading the payment of personal commercial revenues tax exceeding ten million Euros.  

The PREBA Executive Committee now understands why Mr. Tirado ignored every communication sent to him on this topic. 

A call for his resignation is indeed in order and is being circulated by Spanish P.R.E. breeders.

Of particular relevance to American P.R.E. breeders is the fact that the former USPRE President and current Board member, Kimberly Van Kampen Boyer and current President, Betsy Ketcham failed in their fiduciary responsibilities and respective oversights to cause LG-ANCCE to comply with United States Tax code number 882 (Tax on Income of Foreign Corporations connected with United States business)

Article Reference: http://www.eldiario.es/economia/Bodegas-Habla-Marca-Espana-Hacienda_0_518998828.html

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