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ART Bodega & The P.R.E.

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It was a casual conversation between the Publisher of the New York City based ART BODEGA magazine and PREBA President, Alexander B. Zilo that evolved into a series of three (3) feature articles for the Pure Spanish Horse P.R.E.


ART Bodega Editor

The successful collaboration between ART Bodega and PREBA  honored Alexander Zilo as ” Guest Editor ” for the February 2014 issue and triggered an invitation for him to return as Guest Editor for the May 2014 issue.

Alexander Zilo said: ” While I am delighted with my interim role with ART Bodega, there is a much broader ambition that I envision for our North American P.R.E. Breeders – We need to reduce the P.R.E. marketing in our P.R.E. trade publications and reach out of the box to advertise to the general public and to the two million horse owners in the United States that are very rarely exposed to the Pure Spanish Horse. This means advertising in more diversified publications such as Art Bodega. Marketing to the ” converted ” will not expand the market for our P.R.E. horse. “

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Click here to download the full issue containing three (3) P.R.E. Articles >>>>  Art Bodega Feb 2014