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Failing the proposal of any single applicant to the highest office in ANCCE, the ANCCE Board of Directors has cosmetically propped up one candidate Juan Morales Fernandez. The little known breeder and crony to ex President Javier Conde has accepted

2016 SICAB Results

Congratulations to all the 2016 SICAB competitors and special accolades to our fellow American breeder, Sabas Trujillo and his entire team for achieving the time honored title of ” 2016 Best Exhibitor ” in Spain. 2016 World P.R.E. Championship World’s

More P.R.E. L.G. Stud Book Rules and Administration

Under the antiquated administration of ANCCE President Juan Tirado, more rules and administrational steps are imposed as follows:   In compliance with the current EU legislation, which makes it mandatory for the buyer of a horse to execute the change


The first TQB of the year to held on June 8th in Germany   Purebred Spanish Horse breeders who would like to participate with their horses in the official performance controls for the PRE Breeding Program, to be assessed genetically


The Dressage Commission is preparing a new generation of PRE horses to guarantee breed participation at competitions   After the undisputed success of the Purebred Spanish Horse in Dressage over the past few years, ANCCE has designed a PRE defense

2015 Caballo de Oro Award – D Abelardo Morales

  The 2015 Caballo de Oro Award (Golden Horse Award) has decided to give Caballo Del Oro, or Golden Horse, award to breeder D. Abelardo Morales Purón. Owner of Las Morerías for the past 25 years. This Purebred Spanish Horse stud

PREBA Suspends Membership to ANCCE

The action taken by the US PREBA Board of Directors on March 26th 2016 was Not directed towards ANCCE as an organization nor at the Spanish Stud Book but at the current ANCCE President, Juan Tirado. This ANCCE President has

2016 Conformation Rules & Regulations Postponement

  Given the many suggestions and contributions presented by ANCCE breeders, as well as by the judges, and in an effort to incorporate some of these aspects into the final draft, the Association’s Executive Committee has decided to delay the

21% Tax Levied on Spanish P.R.E. Horses

SPANISH INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE: “WHEN PURCHASING/SELLING HORSES, THE VAT APPLIED IS THE GENERAL RATE (21%)” After the official consultation presented by ANCCE before Spain’s Internal Revenue Office regarding the applicable VAT when selling or purchasing horses for enjoyment (riding, sports

SICAB 2016

RESERVE THE DATE! SICAB 2016 – NOVEMBER 15 – 20 2016       As always, SICAB 2016—the International P.R.E. Trade Fair—will be held from the 15th to the 20th of November, in the city of Sevilla.   Reserve that

Final Disciplinary Procedures – Yeguada Yaco & Yeguada Torreluna

FINAL RESULTS OF THE DISCIPLINARY PROCEDURES AGAINST YEGUADA YACO AND YEGUADA TORRELUNA   As you may recall, due to the incidents at SICAB 2012 involving Judge Vicente Jodar, ANCCE launched disciplinary actions against Luis Castel Romero and the stud farms

LG-ANCCE Report for 2015

11 THOUSAND NEW PUREBRED SPANISH HORSES REGISTERED IN THE ANCCE STUD BOOK IN 2015   2,500 new PRE Breeders from Bahrain, Estonia, Lithuania, Jordan and Brazil were registered in 2015 In 2015, the ANCCE Purebred Spanish Horse Stud Book (LG