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The Andalusian Horse

The Andalusian, also known as the Pure Spanish Horse or P.R.E. ( Pura Raza Española ), is a horse breed from the Iberian Peninsula, where its ancestors have lived for thousands of

P.R.E. Genetic Bank

COLLABORATION AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE AND ANCCE REGARDING THE STORAGE AND CUSTODY OF PRE GENETIC MATERIAL Semen, embryos and oocytes will be safeguarded in the national animal gene bank, to operate as a reserve for reproductive material in

LG-ANCCE Stud Book Statistics

Issued by LG-ANCCE on March 5th 2014 2,822 New Breeders registered at the PRE Stud Book Office in 2013 To date, the Purebred Spanish Horse herd has 215,559 registered horses as of December 31st.  The promotional efforts undertaken by the

Promoting the Pure Spanish Horse

The primary mission of the United States P.R.E. Breeders Association is to serve as an inclusive Breeders organization to market the  Pure Spanish Horse ( P.R.E. ) in our country and to promote the North American P.R.E. Breeders. While the

Horse of Kings ” Thief Of Hearts “

On behalf of its Executive Producers, USPREBA is honored to present the Horse of Kings ” Thief of Hearts ” 90 minute TV documentary project to its Breeder members and supporters. This brilliant documentary, on our noble Pure Spanish horse,

La Charreria – Video of the Week

The traditional American equestrian culture of the west has its roots embedded in the equestrian traditions of Mexico. To fully understand the current day passions for and the excitement caused by the ” dancing Andalusian horses ” featured at shows

D. Miguel Cardenas Celebrates his 80th Birthday

On Sunday, June 2nd 2013, D. Miguel Angel de Cardenas Osuna- Owner of the most renowned and accomplished Purebred Spanish horse (PRE) in the world, FUEGO XII – reached another milestone by celebrating his 80th birthday. The event was commemorated

PRE Stud Book Centennial

The Purebred Spanish Horse Stud Book was established by the Spanish Ministry of Defense on January 13th 2012

The Spanish Horse Under The Bourbon Kings

By D Juan Carlos Altamirano This documented work shows the vicissitudes which the Spanish Horse had to live through during one of the most unsettled political and social  periods in the Spanish history. It covers the years from 1700, the

The Purebred Spanish Horse

By: Maria L. Mandina and Jorge R.  Rey   Introduction The Purebred Spanish Horse, also known as the Andalusian or the Pura Raza Español (P.R.E.), is an elegant breed with ancestors dating back thousands of years to the Andalusian region

Purebred Spanish Horses – 19th century to the present

During the 1800s, the Purebred Spanish breed was threatened when many horses were stolen or requisitioned in wartime, during the War of the Oranges, the Peninsular War and the three Carlist Wars. During this time, Napoleon’s invading army stole many

The Birth of A Legend: The Spanish Horse

  Perhaps no other animal has been praised as much as the horse throughout history. In fact, the possession of a horse did not only raise the social status of its rider but, at times would make him become a