United States PRE Breeders Association



FIESTA Charity Mane Event 2018

PREBA’s Spanish Night

PREBA Board member, Caroline Hofland hosted a ” Spanish Night ” to remember in her wonderful equestrian facility in Atlanta, Georgia. Festivities presenting the P.R.E. Horse to over 100 guests included exhibitions by D. Mario Gomez, D. Miguel Coves, Nicole

SICAB 2015 Conformation Seminar

Dear breeder: We received several inquiries from breeders of different countries interested in attending a Conformation Seminar in SICAB, as they were travelling to the event. For this, we are organizing a Seminar of Conformation and Movements of the PRE

In-Hand Demonstration Clinic

  Acton, Ca – June 20th 2015. It was a splendid day with something for everybody.  If you were interested in the fundamentals of the German approach to in-hand dressage, Dave Johnston and Dr. Carole Francis-Swayze’s presentation of the HSH (Hand Saddle


ANCCE, the National PRE Breeders’ Association of Spain, is organizing technical courses for breeders, enthusiasts and anyone interested in the equine sector on the 3rd and 4th of December. These courses coincide with SICAB 2014, the International PRE Trade Fair,

Equine Affaire 2014

US PREBA’s first participation at Equine Affaire 2014 proved to be a resounding success for the promotion of the Pure Spanish Horse, our American P.R.E. Breeders and for the ten member volunteers from Florida, Ohio, Minnesota and West Virginia. Topping

PREBA Clinic & Flamenco Night

PREBA wishes to extend its heartfelt appreciation to fellow Board member, Caroline Hofland for hosting the Betsy Steiner clinic and PREBA Flamenco night at  the San Sebastian Farm in Georgia on Saturday, November 9th 2013. A great time was had

SICAB 2013 Breeder Courses

    If you are attending SICAB 2013, don’t miss these informative courses !                                                 NEW EQUINE

Social at the Woodbine Equestrian Center, New Jersey

Sunday, October 13th 2013 – USPREBA held an open social function at the Woodbine Equestrian Center in beautiful Cape May County, New Jersey. Organized by USPREBA Board member, Linda Michelle Reed, the event was hosted by Woodbine Equestrian Center owner

Breeder Seminar IV – October 19th 2013

The fourth 2013 USPREBA Breeder Seminar will be held on Saturday, October 19th 2013 at the equestrian facilities of Rancho Manriquez in Nipomo, CA.   This PRE Breeder seminar is designed to cover all aspects of the current Stud Book

DECO X – Grand Champion Eastern Region

Lexington, Virginia – Last weekend, USPREBA Regional Director, Manuela Reynolds saw her PRE stallion, DECO X ( GRANADINO XI & MARIPOSA XVI ) obtain the highest accolades at the 2013 ERAHC Classic Show. On Friday, Manuela Reynolds showed DECO X

Inscription Day & Breeder Seminar

The third 2013 USPREBA Breeder Seminar on Saturday, August 24th was an all around successful day at the beautiful equestrian facilities at Andaurora Ranch in Merced, CA.   The well attended PRE Breeder seminar was designed to cover all aspects