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ANCCE President, Juan Tirado Evades Personal Spanish Revenue Tax

  Last year, the PREBA Executive Committee tried (in writing and in person) to persuade Juan Tirado, ANCCE President to cause LG-ANCCE to comply with United States Commercial Tax laws since the inception of their Stud Book business in our country to

Final Disciplinary Procedures – Yeguada Yaco & Yeguada Torreluna

FINAL RESULTS OF THE DISCIPLINARY PROCEDURES AGAINST YEGUADA YACO AND YEGUADA TORRELUNA   As you may recall, due to the incidents at SICAB 2012 involving Judge Vicente Jodar, ANCCE launched disciplinary actions against Luis Castel Romero and the stud farms

2015 PREBA Annual Open Board Meeting

Dear US PREBA Members,    Extending my greetings to all and further to our recent Board correspondence, I wish to take this opportunity to set the date for our 2015 US PREBA Annual Open Board Meeting as required by our

ANCCE Stud Book Agent Agreements

    The following document is the executed copy of the Agent Affiliation Agreement for the processing of American Stud Book documents. Click document to enlarge.     In 2007, an Affliation Agreement was agreed and executed with the Foundation

Pedro Pons Verd

Early this morning, April 28th 2014 – My dear friend, our friend, fellow PREBA Founding Board member and great supporter of the American P.R.E. Breeder, Pedro Pons Verd (57) passed quietly in a Las Palmas hospital in Majorca, Spain. This

PREBA Invited to Join the American Horse Council

PREBA is pleased to announce an exciting new affiliation with the American Horse Council (AHC) in Washington. The American Horse Council was organized in 1969 to represent the horse industry in Washington before Congress and the Federal regulatory agencies.  It

Divorce Decree Prevails in Ownership Dispute

Over the course of the last 100 years, the procedures and conditions for the procurement of PRE Stud Book documents, under the Cria Caballar, was unfortunately shrouded in mystery and near darkness. Valued passports and documents departed our shores for

Horse Cloning Lawsuit Heads to Court

A lawsuit challenging American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) rules preventing cloned horses from being registered is headed to court this week. Some owners have used the cloning process—which was first performed on horses in 2003—to preserve their animals’ bloodlines, particularly

Recession Forces Breeders to Send 70,000 PRE’s to Slaughterhouse In 2012

    By Alan Clenenning – Huffington Post – 04/18/13 ALMONTE, Spain — The southern Spanish region of Andalusia, famed for flamenco and Moorish castles, is also home to a legendary breed of horses that carried conquistadors into battle in

Overview of Prepurchase Examinations

Prepurchase examinations are often requested by a potential buyer of a horse. The objective is to reduce the buyer’s risks in relationship to the general health and athletic soundness of the horse for sale. The examination is not meant to

The Difference Between Registration Papers and a Bill of Sale

Q: I am new to horses and was wondering if registration papers were the same as ownership papers? If not, what is the difference? A: That is a very good question! For horses such as registered Quarter Horses, Arabians and

Writing Your Own Sales Contract

Counseling in Equine Related matters Tracie Dinehart Why Writing Your Own Equine Sales Contract is a Bad Idea I know that the equine industry is a very hands-on industry. Horse people often believe that they can do it themselves.  They