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Las Morerias USA

PREBA wishes to extend its congratulations & best wishes to D. Abelardo Morales and his lovely daughter, Lorena for the establishment of a Las Morerias P.R.E. & Lusitano sales facility in Wellington, Florida. Las Morerias inaugurated the event with a

Mexican Ministry Blocks The Entry of P.R.E.’s

ANCCE PRESENTS THE MINISTRY WITH MEASURES OFFERING SUFFICIENT GUARANTEES FOR MEXICAN AUTHORITIES TO RE-OPEN ITS BORDERS The goal is to guarantee the identity of the horses to avoid incidences during exports   Since the General Under-Secretary for Health and Border

ANCCEMEX – Puebla Competition Results

The members of the USPREBA Board of Directors extends its congratulations to all participants            

ANCCEMEX – Puebla Regional Competition

  Come join your USPREBA colleagues and friends at the ANCCEMEX Regional PRE morphology competition in Puebla, Mexico from August 22nd through August 25th 2013. Lomas de Angelopolis is located two hours or 132 kilometers south east of Mexico City.

La Charreria – Video of the Week

The traditional American equestrian culture of the west has its roots embedded in the equestrian traditions of Mexico. To fully understand the current day passions for and the excitement caused by the ” dancing Andalusian horses ” featured at shows

ANCCEMEX Convenio de Cooperacion



  Established in Cancun, Mexico the new PASSIONPRE magazine is making great strides to achieving distribution success through its novel concept of imparting the Spanish passions for art, culture, tradition and, of course, the Purebred Spanish Horse ( PRE )