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PREBA congratulations the participants and winners of Bonanza 2018 in Costa

FIESTA Charity Mane Event 2018

LG-ANCCE Audited

2016 Caballo d’Oro Award – D. Nahman Andic

The 2016 Selection Committee for the Caballo d’Oro award (Golden Horse award) composed of equestrian organizations such as the Spanish Equestrian Federation, Cría Caballar, ANCCE, the Carriage Club of Andalusia has awarded the gold statuette to D. Nahman Andic. According

FERPRE 2017 In Costa Rica

Costa Rica held the 8th Central American P.R.E. Competition (FERPRE) from March 2nd to March 5th in Heredia. More than 40 breeders of the Pure Spanish horse  participated, representing Guatemala , Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama and Costa Rica.  160 P.R.E.

68,022 DNA Records Available in the LG Stud Book

Farewell to D. Miguel Angel Cardenas Osuna

  It was with deep sadness that US PREBA and the North American P.R.E. community saId farewell to D. Miguel Angel Cardenas last month.  PREBA President, Alexander B. Zilo said: “ This noble gentleman champion P.R.E. breeder will be missed

DOBLADILLO II – 2016 USEF Sire of the Year.

  US PREBA extends its heartfelt congratulations to Royal Horse Farms and Jennifer Stewart for DOBLADILLO’s designation as 2016 USEF Sire Of The Year. He is the sire to more than 70 champions of movement and halter.  The 2016 USEF

2016 SICAB Results

Congratulations to all the 2016 SICAB competitors and special accolades to our fellow American breeder, Sabas Trujillo and his entire team for achieving the time honored title of ” 2016 Best Exhibitor ” in Spain. 2016 World P.R.E. Championship World’s

PREBA’s Spanish Night

PREBA Board member, Caroline Hofland hosted a ” Spanish Night ” to remember in her wonderful equestrian facility in Atlanta, Georgia. Festivities presenting the P.R.E. Horse to over 100 guests included exhibitions by D. Mario Gomez, D. Miguel Coves, Nicole

The Andalusian Horse

The Andalusian, also known as the Pure Spanish Horse or P.R.E. ( Pura Raza Española ), is a horse breed from the Iberian Peninsula, where its ancestors have lived for thousands of

Feria Del Caballo Espanol 2016

  September 23, through September 25th 2016 Industry Hills Expo Center, 16200 Temple Avenue, City of Industry Feria del Caballo Español is an ANCCE sanctioned show which has been held in California since 2008.  It is currently the largest Andalusian