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PREBA Suspends Membership to ANCCE

The action taken by the US PREBA Board of Directors on March 26th 2016 was Not directed towards ANCCE as an organization nor at the Spanish Stud Book but at the current ANCCE President, Juan Tirado. This ANCCE President has

Alexander Zilo – President’s Letter to Breeders


Gregorio Ruiz Named Board Advisor

  The PREBA Executive Committee is pleased to announce the appointment of D. Gregorio Ruiz Martinez to the PREBA Advisory Board. Beyond the accomplishments of his stud farm, Yeguada Ribera Navarro located in Navarra, Spain, Gregorio Ruiz is uniquely qualified

2015 PREBA Annual Open Board Meeting

Dear US PREBA Members,    Extending my greetings to all and further to our recent Board correspondence, I wish to take this opportunity to set the date for our 2015 US PREBA Annual Open Board Meeting as required by our

From The President’s Desk

From the President’s Desk: New Year Greetings   Dear Friends & Fellow P.R.E. Breeders, As I reflect upon the events of the momentous past year, my thoughts first turn gratefully to our Officers, Voting Members and Volunteers for their belief

Stepping Up For American P.R.E. Breeders

  It’s been an exciting 2014 so far at US PREBA. The PREBA breeder membership base has grown exponentially this year and we thank our Pure Spanish horse breeders in North America for its loyal support. Honoring the history and

Letter to the Candidates for ANCCE President

Owing to the fact that neither candidate for the ANCCE Presidency made any references to matters of particular interest to overseas Breeders in their respective platforms and that the current ANCCE President  has not met with American Breeders since 2008,

ART Bodega & The P.R.E.

It was a casual conversation between the Publisher of the New York City based ART BODEGA magazine and PREBA President, Alexander B. Zilo that evolved into a series of three (3) feature articles for the Pure Spanish Horse P.R.E.  

D. Tomas Batalia – The End of an Era

    It was with great sadness that I was informed this morning of the passing yesterday of renowned Costa Rican Breeder and P.R.E. Advocate, D. Tomas Batalia Esquivel. I consider myself extraordinarily fortunate to have met D. Tomas Batalia

USPREBA Board Honors Alexander Zilo

Dear PREBA Board & Membership,   My personal best to all of you for a new year of peace, prosperity and most of all, a herd of spectacular P.R.E. foals!  In mid December 2013, many Pure Spanish horse breeders received

PREBA President Featured in Pura Raza Yearbook

    USPREBA’s Founding President, Alexander B. Zilo is featured in Spain’s Pura Raza 2013 Yearbook. The works accomplished over the last ten years and commitment that Alex Zilo has made to the P.R.E. Breeders in the United States  coupled

Happy New Year 2014

Dear Fellow Member Breeders of the Pure Spanish Horse,   As we count down the last hours to the New Year and welcome 2014 ( the Year of the Horse ), I would like to express a personal word of