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DECO X – Grand Champion Eastern Region

Lexington, Virginia – Last weekend, USPREBA Regional Director, Manuela Reynolds saw her PRE stallion, DECO X ( GRANADINO XI & MARIPOSA XVI ) obtain the highest accolades at the 2013 ERAHC Classic Show.


On Friday, Manuela Reynolds showed DECO X in the PRE Stallions Five & over under the Spanish Judge, H. Mercedes Gonzales Cort. DECO X won the class and also won Grand Champion Pure Spanish Stallion.


On Saturday, D. Raul Roa Vadillo presented in the Andalusian/Lusitano 5 & over stallions class under the American Judge, H. Wayne Hipsley. DECO X, again, won the class, and received the Gold Medal Movement Award and was selected to be the Grand Champion of the show.

In collaboration with USPREBA, D. Raul Roa Vadillo ( trained at the Royal School of Equestrian Arts in Jerez de la Frontera ) traveled to the U.S. and trained DECO X and Manuela for the five weeks leading up to the Lexington show.

“ It was a wonderful show and DECO was the star again ! “ said Manuela Reynolds. “ I am so proud of Deco – he was amazing on both competition days. I also wish to acknowledge and thank D. Raul for sharing his skills and valued equestrian knowledge – I highly recommend this gentleman and hope he will have the opportunity to conduct many clinics in the USA ”

USPREBA congratulates Manuela and D. Raul for their superlative performances with DECO X.


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Manuela Reynolds & Raul Roa Vadillo




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