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Divorce Decree Prevails in Ownership Dispute


Over the course of the last 100 years, the procedures and conditions for the procurement of PRE Stud Book documents, under the Cria Caballar, was unfortunately shrouded in mystery and near darkness. Valued passports and documents departed our shores for Spain to frequently never be seen again and the administrative calamities were very rarely explained by the gatekeepers. The world to American PRE breeders often appeared to be still flat and the entire experience of securing Spanish PRE papers could only be compared to the rituals of medieval secret societies – Only the person with the secret handshake could enter the realm of the Spanish Ministry of Defense or gain favor with the Officers of the Cria Caballar.

The advent of LG-ANCCE brought great promise under the leadership and guidance of D. Pedro Rey as the PRE Stud Book made a giant leap into the twentieth century. To the relief of all PRE Breeders in Spain and around the world, the Stud Book was swiftly automated and open Breeder communications were established.

While impressive improvements were achieved by D. Pedro Rey and his staff, many new rules have been established arbitrarily, new service categories created and high service fees imposed to the great detriment to the PRE horse, its Breeders and the foundation of the PRE Stud Book. 

One of the many next challenges, for the LG Stud Book and its management, will be to alter a number of operative procedures in order to demonstrate that the LG is truly committed to being international. One such area pertains to laws overseas – the LG  will need to adapt to, respect and embrace the prevailing laws of the territories that it services if it wishes to help proliferate the breed outside of Spain.

Yesy Serrano & Simon Fernandez

This week we celebrate the tenacity and perseverance of USPREBA members Simon & Yesy Serrano Fernandez for finally obtaining a change of ownership and new Carta for their stunning US bred Qualified mare, GABRIELA DM. The 18 month administrative marathon, riddled with disputes, anxieties and uncertainties, centered around the title to the PRE livestock in a Texas divorce decree versus the party recorded as Owner in the Stud Book. While it is understandable that the Stud Book needed to proceed with caution and legal dexterity, the process took much too long and it was too frequently felt that Spain and its local agent would have much preferred that Simon and Yesy just fade away.

While we congratulate and thank Simon and Yesy Serrano Fernandez for their commitment to our breed, we extend our gratitude to the PRE Stud Book Commission for this final resolution. 

Yesy & CESAR

Yesy & CESAR