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FERPRE 2017 In Costa Rica


Costa Rica held the 8th Central American P.R.E. Competition (FERPRE) from March 2nd to March 5th in Heredia. More than 40 breeders of the Pure Spanish horse  participated, representing Guatemala , Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama and Costa Rica. 

160 P.R.E. horses competed from all of Central America while visitors from Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain and United States were in attendance.

 During the days of FERPRE, Pure Spanish horses from throughout Central American competed for an array of prestigeous Spanish titles such as  – Champion of Champions ( Stalions & Mares ), Grand Champion of the event and Champions born in Central American. The list of awards also included the traditional titles of Champion of Functionality, Best Movements young, adult, male and female foals, and the respective but born in the region. Awards are were also given for the Best Breeder, Best Exhibitor.

 Costa Rica competed 120 horses, while Nicaragua had 18, Guatemala with 9 and Honduras and Panama with 6.

Organized by the Costa Rican P.R.E. Breeders Association (ASOCPRE), FERPRE is the most important Pure Spanish horse competition  in Central America.

” The Morphology / Functionality competition, is the basis of the Central America P.R.E. horse show, so we, therefore, have Spanish judges. This year they are H. Juan Carnero and H. Manuel Serna, who officiate the Morphological Contest ” said a spokesman.

Parallel to the morphology competition will be held the Doma Cup, which will include the disciplines of Training, Doma de Campo, Doma Vaquera, Alta Escuela (high Spanish school, Side Saddle, Carriages and Costa Rican Traditional.  

The event was open to the public and featured equestrian exhibitions, theme nights, children’s entertainment and a closing party for lovers of equestrian disciplines.

 Costa Rica is home to 2,500 purebred Spanish horses, said a FERPRE spokesman. 

US PREBA President, Alexander Zilo extended his congratulations to Andre Garnier and Jose Chavarria for their exemplary performances and dedication to the Pure Spanish Horse. Zilo said: “ I am proud to call both these gentleman great friends and true champions of our breed. “

FERPRE Results

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Champion Mare

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