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Horse of Kings ” Thief Of Hearts “

On behalf of its Executive Producers, USPREBA is honored to present the Horse of Kings ” Thief of Hearts ” 90 minute TV documentary project to its Breeder members and supporters. This brilliant documentary, on our noble Pure Spanish horse, is in its final stages of Post Production and we are pleased to share its Trailer.

On this occasion, the Executive Producers are offering a funding opportunity to any PRE Breeder with an interest to sponsor  the final cut post production costs of the program. In return. participants will be listed in the end credits and in all advertising materials which include press releases, posters and trailer. Interested parties should call USPREBA Board members or write to USPREBA@gmail.com . Download the project PDF file – Horse Of Kings Doc ENG


Horse of Kings 1Prologue

Horse of Kings 2

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Horse of Kings 3