United States PRE Breeders Association



Inscription Day & Breeder Seminar


The third 2013 USPREBA Breeder Seminar on Saturday, August 24th was an all around successful day at the beautiful equestrian facilities at Andaurora Ranch in Merced, CA.  

The well attended PRE Breeder seminar was designed to cover all aspects of the current Stud Book regulations and documentation which is critical to the ongoing success and growth of the Pure Spanish horse ( PRE ) industry in the United States. On this occasion, the seminar also featured the presence of an authorized Veterinarian, affording the opportunity to northern Californian Breeders to Inscribe member and non member horses at much reduced fees. In total twenty ( 20 ) young PRE horses were Inscribed.

The free seminar provided two (2) speakers, a Breeder Information Kit, a sumptuous lunch and was followed by an open and casual dialogue covering topics of particular interest to new and seasoned Breeders. 

USPREBA Inscription Day and Seminar was hailed by all attendants as a success thanks to the diligent volunteer efforts of D. Gustavo Aldana, the kind hospitality of Andaurora Ranch Owner, D. Raul Bucio and the presence of Dr. Rene Arriaga – Twenty (20) PRE horses were inscribed at a much reduced cost.