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Los Angeles Civic Award for Ezequiel Pena

D. Ezequiel Pena

D. Ezequiel Pena

A legend in his own time and a true friend to all P.R.E. Breeders, PREBA wishes to extend its sincere congratulations to D. Ezequiel Pena for the Civic Award bestowed upon him by the Mayor of the City of Los Angeles on Wednesday, November 27th at City Hall. This recognition acknowledges D. Ezequiel’s contributions to the City of Los Angeles through his music, his P.R.E. horses and his loyal fans.


D. Ezequiel Peña, always on a Pure Spanish Horse (P.R.E.), sings both Ranchero and Banda genres. Born on December 3 in San Jose del Valle, Nayarit. At age 20, his life took a dramatic change when he emigrated to the United States. Later he made his first demo in 1990 and then was appointed lead singer of Banda Vallarta Show which he held for three years before going  solo.


Counting the first three demo albums the Vallarta Show, D. Ezekiel has 16 recordings, the newest ‘ The Nayarit ‘, of which the first single – ” Kiss Kiss ” was composed by Abelardo Flores. 



D. Ezequiel is often referred to as the ” King ” of Banda and Mariachi genres.