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Pedro Pons Verd

Early this morning, April 28th 2014 – My dear friend, our friend, fellow PREBA Founding Board member and great supporter of the American P.R.E. Breeder, Pedro Pons Verd (57) passed quietly in a Las Palmas hospital in Majorca, Spain.

Pedro Pons Ver

Pedro Pons Verd

This morning, ANCCE wrote:


“ PRE breeder and stud farm owner Pedro Pons Verd passed away this morning in the Palma de Mallorca Hospital, at the age of 57, after suffering a complicated illness, as reported by his family. 

Pedro Pons was a staunch advocate of the international nature of PRE horses and this Association.  As a member of both the ANCCE Board of Directors and Executive Committee, he was responsible for the international relations.   His know-how and efforts were decisive in achieving the unification of breeders in a number of countries.  Moreover, he was one of the founding fathers of Es Cavall, the Balearic Island Breeder Association.   

ANCCE would like to express its most sincere condolences and sympathy to his family at this difficult moment.

Rest in peace. ”


While this ANCCE summary honors Pedro well, it does not go far enough to reflect the impact he had in the United States to benefit the American P.R.E. horse and Breeder. In fact, the very first words in English that Pedro uttered to me at SICAB in 2003 were “ I love your country, I love American culture “. It is from that moment that a deep friendship and collaboration commenced.

Pedro Pons had first travelled to the United States several decades ago with his wife Marianne and became good friends with respected American P.R.E. Breeders such as Donna Hecht, Beverly Denham, and Nadine Tilley – friendships that lasted decades. 

In 2007, as the ANCCE Executive Committee member responsible for relations with P.R.E. Breeders in the United States, Pedro supported a motion to commence a nationwide Inscription and Revision tour and to establish an LG-ANCCE office in our country. On December 15th 2008, the LG-ANCCE offices on Brickell Avenue in Miami were opened by Dr. Ana Gragera Slikker. For nearly three years, Pedro worked diligently with me to establish an “ open door policy “ to the Stud Book offices in Spain for our American Breeders and to support Dr. Ana Gragera and her assistant, Mara Perez-Cela. 

The veil of mystery and secrecy concerning Spanish P.R.E. Stud Book was finally lifted.

As a successful Majorcan P.R.E. Breeder and owner of several hotels in beautiful Las Palmas, Pedro Pons always travelled on his own time and at his own expense to support American Breeders. Pedro was often seen at the various I.A.L.H.A Nations, Feria del Caballo, and Fiesta Midwest shows and on many American P.R.E farms. In fact, in early June 2008, accompanied by the ANCCE President and four other ANCCE representatives, he offered to follow Madrid based, Dr. Jaime Chapa and I to Hidden Pond Farm in New Richmond, Ohio to help Inscribe and Revise 22 horses for Pam Nelson. Needless to say, Pedro, known for his power of persuasion, motivated the entire ANCCE delegation to accompany us. I can still see and hear him calling out to the ANCCE President to take the notes of Revision measurements for Dr. Jaime while he handled blood cards. It was a most memorable day on the P.R.E. farm most underserved by the Cria Caballar in the country.

A man of great integrity and principle, Pedro was a force to be reckoned with. Once his mind made up, debating his point of view was like charging into a steel wall covered with padding – you had to eventually come around to his way of thinking and when you did, he would laugh out loud and say: “ You see, you agreed that I am right “ . Fortunately for me, we were always like minded with all things P.R.E. and that was the bond that kept our close friendship over the years.

It was Pedro, in December 2011 that encouraged the creation of the very first P.R.E. Breeders Association in our country – US PREBA. Understanding the need for close ties with Spain but respecting the need for our own national identity without subservience , he encouraged that we model our PREBA charter on the democratic bylaws of ANCCE. Once  drafted, Pedro became a Founding Board member. In his memory and in the name of his legacy, we will carry on proudly and uphold the objectives and ethical principles which were so important to him.

To his lovely wife, Marianne and to his daughter, Mariannita – we extend our love and heartfelt condolences.

Pedro, we will miss you, my friend. Until our next copa – rest in peace.


Alexander B. Zilo


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Wednesday, April 30th 2014

SICAB Day 4 007

Today, the US PREBA Board of Directors unanimously voted to establish a perpetual ” Pedro Pons Verd Equestrian Award “. A staunch advocate of P.R.E. Breeder unity and ethics throughout the P.R.E. community – in Spain and abroad, the award criteria will be formed by the beliefs and values that were held by our dear friend and fellow Founding Board member, Pedro Pons.