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From The President’s Desk


From the President’s Desk: New Year Greetings


Dear Friends & Fellow P.R.E. Breeders,

As I reflect upon the events of the momentous past year, my thoughts first turn gratefully to our Officers, Voting Members and Volunteers for their belief in and support of USPREBA.  The backing and encouragement they have provided is a blessing and is what makes PREBA so very special. It is a privilege to serve you.

2014 was a busy and remarkable year for our Breeder’s association in many ways. In an equestrian community of less that 300 active P.R.E. horse breeders across the nation, we had a record membership enrollment, built strong relationships, and achieved our very specific goals for our Pure Spanish horse breeding community. 

Looking back I believe we have accomplished a great deal as a team but still have so much more to do. Specifically, grow our market, open new outlets for our noble steed, continue to  be attentive to our breeder’s reflections, expose the duplicity of entities that continuously profit from the custodians of our breed and provide the leadership and resources to act in the absolute interests of our breeders.

As a new year dawns, we pray God’s guidance in leading us to achieve our vision and strategy. May we passionately continue to work in your interests, vigorously roll out our 2015 initiatives and continue to draw from your strength.

I wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year to all and may God continue to bless you and your families.


Alexander Zilo

Alexander B. Zilo