United States PRE Breeders Association



Promoting the Pure Spanish Horse

The primary mission of the United States P.R.E. Breeders Association is to serve as an inclusive Breeders organization to market the  Pure Spanish Horse ( P.R.E. ) in our country and to promote the North American P.R.E. Breeders. While the USPREBA officers, members and volunteers endeavor to open new markets for our beloved and noble horse, there is no more impactful event or eye- catching device than to be inspired by an equestrian exhibition or video.

Today, we celebrate and honor D. Samuel Lopez Ortiz and his sons Rafael, Samuel, Francisco, Carlos, Dani and daughter, Marisol for their superlative performances of the classic equestrian High School ( Alta Escuela ) movements that exhilarate audiences  throughout Europe.


D. Samuel Lopez Ortiz , founder of “Caballos Espanola” breeding farm, and creator of the show “El ARTE DE LA DANZA A CABALLO” ( The Art of Dancing Horses ) integrated exclusively for pure breed Spanish horses in his own stud. From his extensive curriculum, we should out highlight the following points:

Riding Instructor at the Andalusian Horse Spanish Riding School, Rider Instructor at Caballos Espanola Riding School. Horse Trainer for “ Alta Escuela “ horses , in hand and to the heights (Aires Altos) , long reins and “ Doma Vaquera”. He has also too taught many riders all over the world who were interested in Spanish horses and in “Alta Escuela.” Another aspect which should be underscored  from his professional career, to which he is dedicated with great effort and vision, is the breeding aspect, influencing them with his own point of view, he has created his own stud ,with horses and mares from the stud “ Caballos Espanola “ that his father.

In each performance, the Lopez Candel dynasty gives rebirth to what was once called, the Lost Art.