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Revision – April 2013

Dieter Probson & Dr. Arnau Garriga

Dieter Probson & Dr. Arnau Garriga

The Revision of JALISCO DOMINANTE by Christa Probson, Rancho Andalucia, Pilot Point, Texas

” After five long years of waiting following revision delays for the Dam of JALISCO DOMINANTE, the day finally came. Dominante was revised on April 22nd, 2013. Dieter and watched Dr. Arnau Garriga ( Vet Delegate from Catalunya or Catalonia ) attentively – the new PRE revision rules were applied in the U.S. for the first time in 2013, and they were much stricter than in previous years. Instead of the simple few measurements in previous years, an assortment of new measurements were now taken, including the length of the head, mouth, forehead, and many, many others.


Dr. Arnau Garriga

Dr. Arnau Garriga

Dr. Garriga also applied mathematical formulas to determine angle ratios and proportions . Following the measurements, we were asked to present our  horse in the walk, trot and canter.  We lunged DOMINANTE but wished we knew that he could have been turned out into a paddock for Dr. Garriga to observe his movements. We also heard a rumor that a walk score of less than five (5) could fail a horse. We later came to learn that that was not the case.

Altogether the process takes about one hour per horse, and one can expect to have a thorough evaluation done of their horse when it it completed. To my surprise, there is now a maximum height limit of 172 in males and 170 in females – Personally, I am happy to see this particular amendment to the rules. As a side note, it was nice of Dr. Garriga to remark on how beautiful DOMINANTE was.

My overall impression is that American Breeders need a much greater understanding of the new Revision process. Where before a horse only stood immobile for revision – today, the horse could fail for a simple lameness issue at the walk – another rumor. I believe LG-ANCCE must educate our PRE Breeders on the new revision procedures so that they may, in the future, present horses with much greater knowledge and confidence. “

Download the new Revision Scoring Sheet Ficha Valoración Aptitud Básica 2012 def-ingles

Revision Sheet 1