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World Andalusian Cup 2016

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The Andalusian World Cup is the largest Iberian Horse event in North America, held each year at South Point Casino & Spa in Las Vegas, NV.

The event has a unique format, hosting WEIAUSA Working Equitation, PSL (Lusitano) classes, PRE (ANCCE) classes, Dressage, Dressage Sport Horse in Hand, and Andalusian World Cup Halter and Performance classes that are open to all Iberian Horses (pure and partbred), regardless of association they are registered with.

Championship, Supreme Championship and Sweepstakes classes offer significant prizes, such as saddles and prize money to participants.

Entries for the show open May 1st and close Sept 1st. Working Equitation, Dressage and Dressage Sport Horse in Hand classes have limited entries available, on a first come, first serve basis.

There are limited sponsorship and advertising (show program) opportunities available for corporate sponsors, as well as individuals and breeders. These sponsorships sell out quickly and offer significant perks, so reserve early to avoid disappointment.

For information or questions about the show or sponsorship opportunities, please contact: info@andalusianworld.com


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Juan Espinoza & Alexander Zilo

Juan Espinoza & Alexander Zilo


Espinoza, Armendariz, Zilo

Espinoza, Armendariz, Zilo

Carole Swayze & Alexander Zilo

Carole Swayze & Alexander Zilo